Grow & Gather in community   

What a blessing it was to celebrate together April 24 as we looked at the past, present and future of Wayzata Free. We had the privilege to share how God has led some early adopters to financially commit to the Grow and Gather campaign. The advanced commitment stage of our capital campaign raised $1.8 million toward our faith goal of $3.8 million or our anything is possible goal of $4.8 million. The congregation as a whole was invited to invest in the legacy and future of Wayzata Free with their individual 3-year financial pledge. Celebration Sunday was a great kick off! Watch the service here. For the Celebration Sunday information packet click here

Please return pledge cards to Mike Brinkman at Wayzata Free. Pledge cards are available at the Welcome Center, reception desk or click here to print. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a non-cash donation please contact Mike at 763.473.9463 or

It has been a blessing to see the congregation respond to the capital campaign and we look forward to how God will use this to help people take their next step to know, follow and become like Jesus.

Renovation impact

Multi-use space | This new structure would attach to Wayzata Free on the south side of the current building. It would include an elementary school-sized gym, kitchen area, storage space and a meeting room. 

Sanctuary | Depending on the scope of the final project, this could be a simple refresh with new carpet, new seating and new window treatments or it include remodeling the stage area and potentially adding sets of stairs inside the Sanctuary. 

Lobby | A remodel could include changing the layout of the stairways and expanding the current lobby to allow additional space for people to move in and out of the Sanctuary and to facilitate connections and conversations with our church family. There are a number of teams actively working on the renovation strategy and design. 

As we work through plans and options, we've asked a number of the church staff to share why they are excited for the ministry opportunities that could be possible with the renovation. Please join us is dreaming how God may be leading us to carry out our mission to help all people take the next step to know, follow and become like Jesus.

Wayzata Free Church

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