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At Wayzata Free we believe our identity as a church is rooted in the character of God and His mission. Jesus made it clear: “As the Father sent Me, so I am sending you” (John 20:21). God sent His Holy Spirit to indwell believers and to empower them to be His witnesses and the agents of His mission (Acts 1:8). Outreach is not merely one of many important things that a church does. Rather, it defines the church’s existence—participating in God’s mission in the world.

Our global focus is partnering with God’s Church in gospel movements around the world.

We are seeing the impact of the same Holy Spirit who moved the North American and European Church to grow and send missionaries two centuries ago now on the move among the Church of Africa, Asia and Latin America in:

  • the amazing growth of the Church in the global south (Africa, Asia and Latin America) has turned the world upside down

  • more than 80 percent of the Church is living there. As result, an emerging, fresh missionary force from this area is changing the map of missions

  • the cross-cultural mission force from the non-Western world may well have surpassed the force from traditional sending countries by 80 percent

  • The era of missions is now from everywhere to everywhere. Our goal is to develop, empower, and release our sister churches around the world

We need to work together, with all our resources, to see the fulfillment of Jesus’ Great Commission in our time.



At Wayzata, we are blessed to have several students and scholars from the University of Minnesota participate in Bible studies at Wayzata. It is a unique opportunity because while the North American Church often contemplates how to effectively reach China with missionaries, China has come to us.

We are partnering with Chinese at our church to send them back to China after they graduate to be ambassadors for Christ. They are part of our body and we are partnering with them to help them with the tools for networking in China so that we are truly a global church.


We are currently partnering with an Ethiopian Church in Addis Abba called Gotera Church. This small church of 300 has intentionally located themselves in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Addis Ababa in order to minister to the most vulnerable -- street kids, widows, etc. -- and have planted two other churches, one of which has outgrown them and has planted yet another church themselves.  They are serious about reaching others for Christ! They are totally committed and dependent on God's Word to transform lives.  This small church operates a diploma level Bible School to teach pastors in their community.  The church has begun many Community Bible Study groups for their members to engage in in-depth studies in their heart language!

Wayzata has partnered with Gotera and Art2Heart to provide training, supplies and sewing machines to 150 vulnerable women that enables them to engage in work that is both meaningful and dignified. Stepping out in complete faith and following the leading of God's Holy Spirit, this very small and poor congregation has begun a building project to better reach their community.


We partner with Eternal Life Church in Sukhbaatar, Mongolia. A church plant started by missionaries from Wayzata is now Mongolian led. This was an unreached area, but now the Mongolians are sending out missionaries. What started as a small church now has several church plants across Mongolia

Mongolian leadership built clinic helps with medical relief across the province and is a great tool for evangelism. They also manage a school helps with educational needs. Short term trips from Wayzata help Mongolian leadership with these needs. Our goals is to help them spread the Gospel.


This ministry was started by missionaries from Wayzata Free and Wayzata continues to partner with English camps and two youth houses for at-risk teens. The youth sponsorship program rescues teens in danger by providing a safe, nurturing home, education in life skills, counseling, discipleship, medical and dental attention, vocational training and an opportunity for the teen to give back by serving the needy.


Casa San Juan is the home for young men. As they are trained in God’s ways and in vocational institutes, the bondage of spiritual and economic poverty is broken for them and their families. Each morning they gather around the Word of God and then go out into the community helping those who cannot help themselves with physical acts of love. Kids who thought they had nothing to give come to realize that they are each gifted in a special way to serve others.


Casa Darling is the home for teenage girls who come from extreme poverty. They learn to live together in harmony, study Biblical principles and learn what it means to follow Jesus. They are also taught home and money management, personal and food hygiene and nutrition. In the mornings, they study in the vocational institute of their choice. In the afternoons, they volunteer in the community in which they grew up. They each are responsible for discipling younger girls and adopting and loving the elderly in their community.


Wayzata Free partners with the Glogow Baptist Church to put on family English camps and to complete other community projects including playground building and police training.  These short term trips are an integral part of a many-sided ministry partnership between the two churches.  The Glogow church invites unbelievers to our events and the Wayzata Free teams give unbelievers living examples of the gospel through our lives, drawing many to attend the Glogow church and even to accept Christ.


The Glogow church is experiencing growth and growing out of their sanctuary. They started the first private school, Aslan, in their town and have over 200 students attending. They also have a language school, Logos, with nearly 300 students. The pastor of the church, Pastor Z, has built relationships with the town president and with other churches in the area. They perform concerts within the town and started a family festival, involving thousands of people and many businesses.


Heritage Christian Academy in Maple Grove also partners in this ministry and some families in our congregation attend HCA. Aslan brings students over every other year and HCA’s senior class trip travels to Poland to minister in Glogow. 

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