The Leadership Board provides overall leadership and spiritual oversight for the congregation. They work closely with the Lead Pastor to ensure accountability, evaluate budgets, ministry plans and assess the vision for the church. 

  • Ben santelman | CHAIRPERSON


    We've called Wayzata Free our church community since 2006. I am passionate about our church being a place where individuals and families can grow in their understanding and application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



    My wife, Mauvalyn, and I have called Wayzata Free our church home for the last 10 years. I am excited to be part of a body that is about doing everything we can to bring us and our broader community into a deeper relationship with Christ and each other. It is with a deep sense of joy that I serve on the worship team, engage in small groups, as well as other ministry areas where I can use my God-given gifts for His glory. 



    I am passionate about evangelism and have been affirmed by others to use my spiritual gifts of leadership and communication. You will see me frequently in the drum cage on Sunday mornings, but I have also served as a small group leader in the high school group and on a task force focusing on church communications. 



    Wayzata Free Church has been my church home for the last 30 years. I am passionate about the church being unified and living out John 17:20-24 so the world will see God through our Church. I enjoy working with our children's and youth ministries, leading small groups and being a part of the Hammers of Hope ministry. 



    My wife Alyssa and I have been involved at Wayzata Free since being married here in 2004, other than for four years when we worked in Istanbul. I love the stories in the Scriptures of how God meets people and look forward to more people developing a deep friendship with Him. For that reason, I have been helping provide leadership to prayer initiatives in our church, as well as serving in the preschool and toddler areas.