Counseling Ministry

Wayzata Free offers free individual, pre-marital, and marriage counseling. We've seen God reconcile and restore individuals and relationships. We also offer support groups for those grieving the loss of a relationship through divorce or death. For more information, please contact Beth Moorhead at

How is our ministry different? Click here to watch a real story of life change. 

Our counseling staff and trained volunteers are prepared with Christ-centered, Biblically-based guidance in these areas:

  • Pre-Marital Counseling | available and encouraged for couples preparing for marriage
  • Marriage Counseling | experienced male and female counselors work with couples to identify areas of strength and where growth is needed
  • DivorceCare | a support group for those experiencing separation and/or divorce
  • DivorceCare for Kids | a support group for children of those experiencing separation and/or divorce
  • GriefShare | a support group for those experiencing the grief of the loss of a loved one

Caring Ministry

Going through life together means being there for each other. We rejoice with you during celebrations and we comfort you during times of sadness. If you have questions about weddings, funerals, hospital or home visits or have an immediate need, email Dee Sandberg at or call her at 763.473.9463.


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